Always keep both Elessi Theme & Nasa Core plugin updated to their latest versions.

V 4.6.4 (10 Oct 2021)

    FIXED: Missing Search in Mobile Layout.
    FIXED: Some Options in Rows / Columns - WPBakery.
    IMPROVED: Change Slug (Taxonomy) Product Groups - Auto Sync Old Data.
    IMPROVED: Style - Theme Options.
    IMPROVED: Sample Data Demo.

V 4.6.3 (06 Oct 2021)

    IMPROVED: Style Pagination Blogs.
    IMPROVED: Ajax Shop Filter.
    IMPROVED: Single Product - Change Variation Gallery.
    IMPROVED: Shortcode Nasa Product + 1 type (Quantity Stock).

V 4.6.2 (23 Sep 2021)

    FIXED: Restore - Default loop - Add To Cart - Button.
    IMPROVED: Options Delay js files And Ignore Some css files.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.7.0.

V 4.6.1 (16 Sep 2021)

    NEW: Option for Next - Prev Single Product.
    FIXED: Conflict Font pe7s - Elementor Pro.
    IMPROVED: Transition Effect Load.

V 4.6.0 (09 Sep 2021)

    FIXED: i18l for Count Results in store.
    FIXED: i18l for Estimated Delivery.
    IMPROVED: Badge for Bulk Discount Product.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.5.8

V 4.5.9 (23 Aug 2021)

    IMPROVED: Style Notices.
    IMPROVED: Thankyou Page.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.5.7.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.6.0.

V 4.5.8 (17 Aug 2021)

    FIXED: Some issue style.
    FIXED: Hide empty in widget Nasa Variations Filters.
    IMPROVED: Style Bulk Discounts.
    IMPROVED: Style Sticky Add To Cart.
    IMPROVED: Option add version when call CSS files.

V 4.5.7 (14 Aug 2021)

    FIXED: Filter Multi Product Tags.
    FIXED: Issue Bulk Discounts.
    FIXED: Some Styles.

V 4.5.6 (10 Aug 2021)

    NEW: Fake Sold Feature.
    FIXED: Option - Disable Flexible Menu in tablet.
    IMPROVED: Style of Countdown.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.5.6.

V 4.5.5 (06 Aug 2021)

    NEW: Bulk Discounts Product.
    IMPROVED: Issue Css.

V 4.5.4 (31 Jul 2021)

    NEW: Live Search Product Layout - Modern.
    IMPROVED: Header type 2, 3, 5 - Flexbox Css.

V 4.5.3 (24 Jul 2021)

    FIXED: Removed Widgets Block Editor - WP 5.8.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.5.2.

V 4.5.2 (19 Jul 2021)

    FIXED: Fullwidth - Vertical Mega Menu - with Elementor.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.5.5.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.8.

V 4.5.1 (19 Jul 2021)

    FIXED: Css - Shortcode Products Deal.
    FIXED: Css - Header Type 1.

V 4.5.0 (16 Jul 2021)

    FIXED: Single Product Page - Focus Main Image - After Changed Variation.
    FIXED: some Style.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.5.1.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBakery Page Builder 6.7.0.

V 4.4.8 (04 Jul 2021)

    FIXED: Issue Ajax Shop.
    FIXED: some Style Heading tag My Account Page.
    IMPROVED: Optimize HTML.

V 4.4.7 (02 Jul 2021)

    CHANGED: some Heading tag to Span tag.
    IMPROVED: Optimize HTML - CSS - JS.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.5.4.

V 4.4.6 (25 Jun 2021)

    IMPROVED: Checkout Layout - Modern.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.5.3.

V 4.4.5 (21 Jun 2021)

    NEW: Checkout Layout - Modern.
    FIXED: Some Styles.
    FIXED: Some Js.
    FIXED: Sample Data.

V (16 Jun 2021)

    FIXED: Row Max width - Elementor.

V 4.4.4 (15 Jun 2021)

    FIXED: Some Style.
    FIXED: Single Product - Stock for Variation.
    FIXED: Filter Store In Mobile Layout.
    IMPROVED: Thumbnail for Checkout Order Item.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.4.1.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.5.0.

V 4.4.3 (01 Jun 2021)

    FIXED: Some Style.
    FIXED: Issue UX variations Product.
    IMPROVED: Background - Breadcrumb for Mobile Layout Mode.

V 4.4.2 (24 May 2021)

    IMPROVED: Css Files.
    IMPROVED: Quickview Feature.
    IMPROVED: Option Change Position Account Icon (Topbar - Header -Icons).

V 4.4.1 (18 May 2021)

    FIXED: Arrows Slider.
    FIXED: Active Topbar Archive Products Page.
    IMPROVED: Add To Cart - Buy Now - Single Product
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.3.0.

V 4.4.0 (10 May 2021)

    FIXED: Fullwidth Option - Header type 2, 3.
    FIXED: H1 tag in Archive Products Page.
    IMPROVED: Crazy loading in Quickview - sidebar
    IMPROVED: Online Documentation -
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.4.11.

V 4.3.0 (29 Apr 2021)

    FIXED: Some CSS - Dark Version.
    FIXED: Issue Variations - Single Product Page in iPad Pro.
    FIXED: Back State Browser - with Ajax.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.4.10.

V 4.2.9 (25 Apr 2021)

    IMPROVED: Back State Browser - with Ajax.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.4.8.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.2.2.

V 4.2.8 (15 Apr 2021)

    NEW: Google Font "Jost".
    NEW: Option Google Max Font-Weight (900 - 800 - 700 - 600).
    FIXED: Header Type 5 - Toggle Menu Sidebar.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.2.1.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.7.1.

V 4.2.7 (10 Apr 2021)

    NEW: Ajax Loading - Single Product Page.
    NEW: Crazy Loading - Single Product Page.

V 4.2.6 (06 Apr 2021)

    NEW: Option Mobile Logo.
    FIXED: CSS - Categories Filters Bar in Mobile.
    IMPROVED: Checkout - Steps.
    IMPROVED: Header - Responsive Mode.
    IMPROVED: Change Cart To Wishlist Icon in Bottom Bar Mobile.
    IMPROVED: Removed Wishlist Icon in Header Mobile - Layout.

V (31 Mar 2021)

    FIXED: Sticky Logo.
    IMPROVED: Crazy Loading - Loop item AJAX STORE.

V 4.2.5 (31 Mar 2021)

    NEW: Crazy Loading - Loop item AJAX STORE.
    FIXED: Some CSS.
    FIXED: Filters by Status Widget.
    IMPROVED: Elementor - Pro (Footer - Header Builder).
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.4.6.

V 4.2.4 (19 Mar 2021)

    FIXED: Some CSS.
    IMPROVED: Shop page AJAX.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.4.5.

V 4.2.3 (11 Mar 2021)

    FIXED: Some CSS Dark version.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.4.3.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.1.0.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.7.

V 4.2.2 (07 Mar 2021)

    NEW: options Font for LTR - RTL Mode.
    IMPROVED: Option Font-Size for Title Element - WPBakery.

V 4.2.1 (02 Mar 2021)

    NEW: + Home Watches, Watches - Dark for WPBakery.
    FIXED: Some CSS.

V 4.2.0 (01 Mar 2021)

    NEW: +1 Header Build-in Type 5.
    NEW: +1 Style Simple Slide for Nasa Products.
    NEW: + Home Watches, Watches - Dark for Elementor.
    FIXED: Issue Nasa Product Brand - Permalink Option.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.4.2.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBarkery Page Builder 6.6.0.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.6.2.

V 4.1.9 (19 Feb 2021)

    NEW: +1 Style Grid 3 for Shortcode Nasa Posts.
    FIXED: Issue CSS for WooCommerce Germanized plugin.
    IMPROVED: Some CSS Checkout Page.
    COMPATIBLE: Yith WooCommerce Product Bundle.

V (12 Feb 2021)

    IMPROVED: Some CSS Dark Version.
    IMPROVED: Header Icons for Elementor (Mini Cart, Wishlist, Compare).

V 4.1.8 (11 Feb 2021)

    NEW: Sticky Logo Option.
    NEW: Dark Version.
    FIXED: Some CSS Checkout Page.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 5.0.0.

V 4.1.7 (05 Feb 2021)

    NEW: Quantity input in Mini Cart Sidebar.
    IMPROVED: CSS Mini Cart Sidebar.
    IMPROVED: CSS Checkout Page.
    IMPROVED: Validate notice - Checkout Page.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.3.9.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.6.1.

V (29 Jan 2021)

    FIXED: Mirror Bugs in Back-End.
    FIXED: Some Style for Elementor.

V 4.1.6 (26 Jan 2021)

    IMPROVED: Variations UX in Grid.
    IMPROVED: CSS, Js files.
    COMPATIBLE: Elementor - Header, Footer & Blocks plugin.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.9.2.

V 4.1.5 (19 Jan 2021)

    NEW: Off-canvas Product information in mobile.
    IMPROVED: Product Description Fullwidth - Wrapper.
    IMPROVED: CSS, Js files.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.9.0.

V 4.1.4 (12 Jan 2021)

    NEW: Widget Nasa Product Filter Multi Tags.
    FIXED: Some CSS RTL.
    IMPROVED: Widgets Filter Product Status (On Backorder).

V 4.1.3 (11 Jan 2021)

    NEW: +1 Home Pet Accessories.
    NEW: Widgets Filter Product Status (On Sale, Featured, In Stock).
    NEW: Featured Badge.
    NEW: Full-width for Description in Single Product.
    FIXED: Some CSS.

V 4.1.2 (05 Jan 2021)

    FIXED: Some CSS.
    FIXED: Some Options in Shop Page, Blog Page.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.3.5.
    COMPATIBLE: jQuery 3.5.1 (jQuery Migrate can be ignored).

V 4.1.1 (23 Dec 2020)

    FIXED: Some CSS.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBarkery Page Builder 6.5.0.

V 4.1.0 (14 Dec 2020)

    NEW: +Homepage Christmas for Elementor version.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.3.3.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.8.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.6.

V (01 Dec 2020)

    FIXED: Some CSS.
    FIXED: Double title Widget Nasa Filters Price - Slide.

V 4.0.3 (28 Nov 2020)

    NEW: +7 Homes for Elementor Sample Data.
    NEW: +2 Pages (About Us - Contact Us) for Elementor Sample Data.
    NEW: Option Hide Empty Categories in Top.
    FIXED: Some CSS.
    FIXED: Issue in Widget Nasa Filters Price - Slide.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.7.1.

V 4.0.2 (24 Nov 2020)

    NEW: +4 Homes for Elementor Sample Data.
    FIXED: Arrows Slides in Single Product Page.
    FIXED: Issue Compatible with WCFM.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.3.1.

V 4.0.1 (18 Nov 2020)

    NEW: +3 Homes for Elementor Sample Data.
    NEW: Elementor - Widget Carousel Pin Banner.
    IMPROVED: Theme Setup Feature - Import Sliders.
    COMPATIBLE: Uni CPO/Rangeslider.ion Plugin.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBarkery Page Builder 6.4.2.

V 4.0 (12 Nov 2020)

    NEW: +7 Homes for Elementor Sample Data.
    NEW: Option Ordering for Mobile Menu (Vertical > Main).
    FIXED: Some CSS Compare Table.
    IMPROVED: Theme Setup Feature - Import demo data.
    IMPROVED: Live Data in Elementor Builder Page.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.7.0.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.5.3.

===== BIG UPDATE 4.0 =====

V 3.9.1 (18 Oct 2020)

    IMPROVED: Video Badge, 360 Degree Badge.

V 3.9.0 (16 Oct 2020)

    FIXED: Widget Filter Price slide with value "0" => "0".
    IMPROVED: Arrows Slider Single Product Gallery.
    COMPATIBLE: Fancy Product Designer.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.6.0.

V 3.8.0 (30 Sep 2020)

    NEW: Build-in Nasa Shortcodes - Widgets for Elementor.
    IMPROVED: Animation Switch images variation.
    IMPROVED: Ajax Shop Filters.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBarkery Page Builder 6.4.1.
    COMPATIBLE: Elementor.

V (18 Sep 2020)

    FIXED: Issue About Widgets Arguments.
    IMPROVED: CSS Brands - Attributes.

V 3.7.4 (16 Sep 2020)

    NEW: +1 Hover Product style.
    NEW: Taxonomy - Product Brands.
    NEW: Custom Fields in Single Product - Add To Cart.
    FIXED: Issue Page Compare - Select Option.
    FIXED: Categories Off-Canvas in Mobile.
    FIXED: Widget Nasa Filters Price - Slide.
    IMPROVED: Newsletter - Option Only Display 1 Time.
    IMPROVED: Newsletter Contact Form 7 - Compatible with WPML.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.23.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBarkery Page Builder 6.4.0.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.5.2.

V 3.7.3 (28 Aug 2020)

    FIXED: Widget Filters Product By Price Slide.
    FIXED: Some issues in active Bar in Store.
    IMPROVED: Css Pre-loading some elements.
    IMPROVED: Move Archive Portfolio template to Nasa Core Plugin.
    IMPROVED: Move Coming Soon Feature to Nasa Core Plugin.

V 3.7.2 (21 Aug 2020)

    IMPROVED: Option Mobile Columns 1.5 for Carousel Mode.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.22.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.4.1.

V 3.7.1 (16 Aug 2020)

    FIXED: Selected Contact Form 7 in Theme Options.
    IMPROVED: Optimize js files includes.
    IMPROVED: Style Categories in Topbar Filter.
    IMPROVED: Optimize Css.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.20.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.3.3.

V 3.7.0 (12 Aug 2020)

    NEW: +1 Home T-Shirt - Drop Shipping Design.
    NEW: +1 Footer Light 3.
    NEW: +1 Style Countdown Element - Text.
    NEW: +1 Style Image Attribute (Has Caption) - Single or Quick view.
    NEW: +1 Style for Button Load More - (Radius - Dashed) in Element Nasa Product
    FIXED: Border-color for Element Product Special Deal - Has nav.
    IMPROVED: Live Variation Label in Single and Quick view.
    IMPROVED: REMOVED owl-carousel - CHANGED by Slick.
    IMPROVED: Optimize Css.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.18.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.3.2.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.5.

V 3.6.7 (03 Aug 2020)

    FIXED: Some CSS Blogs.
    FIXED: Options Static Block after Header.
    REMOVED: H1 Tag in Logo.
    IMPROVED: Live Search Products.

V 3.6.6 (26 Jul 2020)

    NEW: Options Custom Percentage [Logo + Menu / Buttons] - Header Type 1.
    NEW: Options Remove Relate Products.
    IMPROVED: Optimize CSS + HTML.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.3.1.

V 3.6.5 (21 Jul 2020)

    NEW: Options remove Additional Info Tab.
    NEW: WooCommerce Tab - Style Scroll Content.
    IMPROVED: Element Nasa Product (Optimize HTML, CSS, Buttons).
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.17.

V 3.6.4 (15 Jul 2020)

    FIXED: Link in Widget Nasa Variation Filters.
    IMPROVED: Primary Color Darken for Dynamic CSS.
    IMPROVED: Animation CSS.
    IMPROVED: Blog Layout - Features.
    IMPROVED: Carousel.
    REMOVED: Secondary Color.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.3.0.

V 3.6.3 (02 Jul 2020)

    FIXED: Stock Status.
    IMPROVED: Nasa Instagram Feed.
    IMPROVED: Shop Filter - Active Filter Bar.
    COMPATIBLE: Smash Balloon Instagram Feed - Free version.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.15.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.2.2.

V 3.6.2 (23 Jun 2020)

    NEW: Nasa Tip.
    IMPROVED: Shop Filter Top Bar.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.14.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.2.1.

V 3.6.1 (21 Jun 2020)

    IMPROVED: Breadcrumb.
    IMPROVED: Style for Color Attribute and Label Attribute.

V 3.6.0 (18 Jun 2020)

    NEW: Request a Call Back Popup in Single Product.
    NEW: +1 Layout Buttons for Grid Products.
    NEW: Style for Color Attribute and Label Attribute.
    IMPROVED: Nasa Cache Mode has 2 options "Transients" - "Files".

V 3.5.1 (06 Jun 2020)

    NEW: Boot Rate Element.
    NEW: Content for After Cart Table - Shopping Cart.
    FIXED: Accordion Widget Nasa Brands.
    IMPROVED: Add More style of Testimonials.
    IMPROVED: Boxed Mode (max-width: 1250px).
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.12.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.2.0.

V 3.5.0 (25 May 2020)

    FIXED: Issue Variations UX in Grid.
    FIXED: Issue Widget Nasa Filter Price Slide.
    FIXED: Ignore Captcha Register in Checkout.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.9.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.1.1.

V 3.4.0 (17 May 2020)

    NEW: Delivery & Return Popup in Single Product.
    FIXED: Some RTL CSS.
    REMOVED: Size Guide Popup (Use Image Uploaded) in Single Product.
    IMPROVED: Size Guide Popup (Use Static Block to create Content) in Single Product.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.8.

V 3.3.0 (09 May 2020)

    NEW: + Home Face Mask
    IMPROVED: Sticky Buy Now for Desktop.
    IMPROVED: Minify Font Icons - Nasa Icons, Awesome 4.7.0, Pe-icon-7-stroke.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.6.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.1.0.

V 3.2.3 (04 May 2020)

    NEW: Content after single add to cart form
    NEW: Content after Process Check Out button - Shopping cart
    NEW: Content after Place Holder button - Check out
    FIXED: Bugs (Quick view, Wishlist, Compare, etc..) when Disable Ajax Add To Cart.
    FIXED: Bugs Multi Currencies for Variable Product.
    IMPROVED: Single Product - UX variations.
    IMPROVED: Live search Products In Safari.

V 3.2.2 (27 Apr 2020)

    FIXED: Some CSS.
    FIXED: Notice WooCommerce.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBarkery Page Builder 6.2.0.

V 3.2.1 (19 Apr 2020)

    FIXED: Widget Nasa Filter Price - Slide.
    IMPROVED: Nasa Static Block - Ajax.
    IMPROVED: Close button (Sidebar Off - Canvas).
    IMPROVED: Variation type Select (init - hide first item).

V 3.2.0 (16 Apr 2020)

    NEW: Variants Badge.
    FIXED: Issues RTL.
    IMPROVED: Close button (Cart - Wishlist - Quickview - Mobile Menu Off-Canvas).

V 3.1.0 (30 Mar 2020)

    NEW: Account on Main Screen - Mobile Layout.
    FIXED: Pagination Single Store Dokan.
    IMPROVED: Toggle Widgets Dokan Store.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.4.

V 3.0.6 (15 Mar 2020)

    FIXED: Issue Registration Popup with Dokan.
    FIXED: Some CSS.
    IMPROVED: Import Demo Data.

V 3.0.5 (11 Mar 2020)

    FIXED: Option statistic of Element Nasa Product Deals Schedule.
    FIXED: Option Redirect Shopping Cart After Added To Cart.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.2.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 4.0.0.

V 3.0.4 (28 Feb 2020)

    FIXED: Scroll Images in Single Product Page for Ipad.
    FIXED: Issue CSS Dokan.
    FIXED: Issue CSS Main Menu.

V 3.0.3 (26 Feb 2020)

    FIXED: Notice Style.
    FIXED: Issue CSS Dokan.
    IMPROVED: Ajax Single Add To Cart.
    IMPROVED: Class of Loop Products.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.2.1.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 3.9.2.

V 3.0.2 (03 Feb 2020)

    FIXED: About list products deal id.
    FIXED: Issue Registration Popup with Dokan.
    FIXED: CSS of Top Categories product.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 3.9.1.

V (23 Jan 2020)

    FIXED: Issue Update Nasa Core to 3.0.1.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 3.9.0.

V 3.0.1 (22 Jan 2020)

    FIXED: CSS Main Menu.
    FIXED: Init Option Nasa Wishlist.
    IMPROVED: Stock Progress Bar Element Product Special Deal.

V 3.0.0 (14 Jan 2020)

    NEW: Nasa Wishlist (Change for Yith WooCommerce Wishlist).
    NEW: Style Notice Added.
    IMPROVED: Options excludes product in Element Nasa Products.

===== BIG UPDATE 3.0 =====

V 2.3.3 (09 Jan 2020)

    NEW: Show Notice Option After Added To Cart.
    NEW: Popup Your Order Option After Added To Cart.
    NEW: Show Sidebar Cart Option After Added To Cart.
    FIXED: Issue Header Sticky.
    REMOVED: Options RTL Mode.
    IMPROVED: Automatically identify RLT languages.

V 2.3.2 (04 Jan 2020)

    IMPROVED: 360 Degree Product Viewer.
    IMPROVED: Sticky Info Sigle Product Page.
    IMPROVED: Some Style.
    COMPATIBLE: Registration Popup with Dokan.

V 2.3.1 (31 Dec 2019)

    NEW: 360 Degree Product Viewer.
    IMPROVED: Some Style.

V 2.3.0 (27 Dec 2019)

    FIXED: Issue Add To Cart (Product Variation).
    FIXED: Transient issue For Product Deal ids.
    IMPROVED: Documentation.

V (19 Dec 2019)

    COMPATIBLE: Featured Image by URL - Author: Knawat Team

V 2.2.9 (18 Dec 2019)

    IMPROVED: Wishlist Sidebar.
    COMPATIBLE: Yith WooCommerce Wishlist 3.x.

V 2.2.8 (14 Dec 2019)

    NEW: + Homepage Accessories.
    NEW: Group Products.
    IMPROVED: Dots for Element Slider.
    COMPATIBLE: WPBakery 6.1.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.3.1

V 2.2.7 (04 Dec 2019)

    FIXED: Issue Add To Cart (When disabled Ajax Add To Cart).
    FIXED: Issue Ajax Filter Shop Page.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.1.5.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 3.8.1.

V 2.2.6 (23 Nov 2019)

    NEW: Options Show/Hide Ux variations in Grid.
    FIXED: Event click LoadMore in MacOS/IOS.
    FIXED: Css Variation type Default of WooCommerce.
    IMPROVED: UX Variations Product.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.1.4.
    COMPATIBLE: WordPress 5.3.

V (09 Nov 2019)

    NEW: Options Dots Slide for Single Product.
    FIXED: Margin Price in On Sale Product.
    FIXED: Issue Pagination Shop.

V 2.2.5 (08 Nov 2019)

    NEW: Captcha for Register Form.
    FIXED: WooCommerce Pagination style in page Vendors List - WC Vendor.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 3.8.0.

V 2.2.4 (05 Nov 2019)

    NEW: +4 types Hover Effect Product.
    FIXED: Ajax shop with Vendor.
    FIXED: Min Price = 0 with Widget Nasa Filter Price.
    FIXED: Some styles.

V 2.2.3 (28 Oct 2019)

    NEW: Single Product Slider Full Width - No Thumbnails.
    NEW: Override Option Layout for Single Product.
    IMPROVED: Promotion Top.
    IMPROVED: UX variations - case inactive variation.
    IMPROVED: Boxed Site Layout.

V 2.2.2 (21 Oct 2019)

    FIXED: Issue Top Icon Filter By Categories.
    IMPROVED: Countdown for Mobile small (iPhone 5).
    IMPROVED: Add to cart for Product Deal Nav 2 items
    IMPROVED: Product variation Deal with Category.
    IMPROVED: Widget Nasa Reset Filter (with mode toggle widget).
    IMPROVED: Masonry Layout for Shop or Category products page.
    IMPROVED: Import Sample Data.

V 2.2.1 (15 Oct 2019)

    NEW: + Home Retail.
    NEW: Option GDPR Policy.
    NEW: Override Sidebar layout for Category Products.
    NEW: Product Categories grid layout.
    IMPROVED: Element Slide products.
    IMPROVED: Support 2 columns of products.
    IMPROVED: Support 6 columns of products.
    COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 3.7.1.

V 2.2.0 (09 Oct 2019)

    NEW: + Home Digital 2nd.
    NEW: + Home Cosmetic.
    IMPROVED: Arrows for Products Slide.
    IMPROVED: Tabs layout.
    IMPROVED: Special Product Deal Simple.

V 2.1.9 (05 Oct 2019)

    NEW: + Home Digital.
    IMPROVED: Tabs for single product page.
    IMPROVED: Layout for single product page.
    IMPROVED: Single Post page.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.1.3.

V 2.1.8 (24 Sep 2019)

    NEW: Tabs style 2d Radius.
    NEW: Element Compare Before - After Images.
    IMPROVED: Option add version when call javascript.
    IMPROVED: Option for Toggle Widgets.
    IMPROVED: Mini Cart Icon.
    IMPROVED: Wishlist HTML.

V 2.1.7 (10 Sep 2019)

    FIXED: issue with shortcode WooCommerce [products ...].
    FIXED: Issue Css compatible with the new version of Chrome.
    IMPROVED: Close button on the canvas.

V 2.1.6 (04 Sep 2019)

    NEW: +1 Home jewelry.
    NEW: Override Font for Page, Category Page, Single Product Page.
    NEW: Override layout for Single Product Page.
    FIXED: Mobile Menu for Header Builder.
    FIXED: Max height logo for mobile.
    IMPROVED: Offline Site.
    COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.1.1.

V 2.1.5 (27 Aug 2019)

    NEW: Option Offline Site.
    IMPROVED: Instagram Feed.