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The easiest way to translate Elessi theme is by using the Loco Translate plugin. To use Loco Translate plugin, please follow the steps below to do it:

Step 1 - Search and install the Loco Translate plugin

Step 2 – Go to Loco Translate > Plugins and click any plugins that you want to translate strings Example: Nasa Core plugin

In case the language you need already exists, double-check this:

If the folder is "Author" You need to use the copy option to create your language with the Folder "Other"

In case the language you need is not available, continue following the next steps below:

Step 3 - Click the New Language link Choose your language and choose a location in languages/plugins/

NOTE: We recommend you don't choose a location in plugins/nasa-core/lang/, because after you update the theme all your custom files will be lost.

Step 4Start Translating

Step 5 – Click Source Text and enter the text you want to translate into English translation

Step 6 – Click the Save button

NOTE: To update your language file when you update the theme, you only click the Sync button.

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