I can not import demo content

If you see that the demo import process is taking forever or it's not completed correctly this means your hosting PHP.ini limits are too low for working with WordPress Importer and demo data can not be imported on your server without the right configuration.

Your PHP values are too low

Change your PHP.ini settings according to the following minimum values. If you don't have access contact your web host and ask to have the limits increased.

  • memory_limit >= 512M

  • max_input_vars >= 5160

  • max_execution_time = 300

  • post_max_size >= 64M

  • upload_max_filesize = 128M

  • allow_url_fopen ON

  • PHP version 7.4or greater (8.x recommended)

Those settings are required to successfully import all demo content and images.

Check this official WordPress article on how to increase memory limits for your WP:

After changing PHP values reset your WordPress using the WP Reset plugin to avoid content duplicates. Then run the demo importer again.

Cheap or bad shared hosting may not allow you to use these values (in this case you won't be able to import demo data onto your server). You need to switch to another hosting.

Other causes for the failed import

Your server is too slow to install plugins and import data demo content at the same time. To resolve this issue I recommend you should:

First, install all the required plugins for your site like:

Second, proceed to import Elessi data demo content with only pages that you want:

Also, if you have done the steps as I instructed above but the problem still continues, we are sorry about that! Please send one support ticket and your account information to log in website WordPress here: https://support.nasatheme.com/submit-a-ticket/ We will help you install all Elessi data demo content again!

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