How To Submit Ticket
The information below is only for customers who purchased the Elessi theme from ThemeForest!
If you have purchased the Elessi theme from our profile on ThemeForest then you get free support from us in our Support Forum. All verified buyers have full access to support and theme updates

Please follow these steps below to create a support ticket:

Step 2 - Click here to create an account. The purchase code need verify at here
Step 3 - Click to the Theme name that you using

Step 4 - Click Create New Topic button

Tips for Getting Great Support

The more clearly you can explain your issue, the faster and more effectively we can help you :)
1. Take screenshots of your problem and use a service like TeamPaper App, LightShot, Dropbox, Jumpshare, Cloudapp or similar to send us links to the screenshots.
2. State your issue or question clearly. If there are multiple issues, separate them with bullet points or a list.
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