How to set up Mega menu horizontal

Here is the instruction you can follow if you desire to set up a mega menu horizontal for your site:

Step 1 - Simply, navigate to Appearance Menu

Step 2 - Choose Main Menu and click Select button

Step 3 - Go to Shop (Our tutorial video shows an example with the menu item "SHOP"), You can do it similarly with other menus. Imagine that we have Shop and inside of it, we need to have four sub-menus. Click on Mega Menu and Full-Width option if you want to display the full-screen mega menu

Step 4 - Drag and drop to have 4 submenus

In addition, our theme is designed by default with 3 levels of sub-menu, if you want to display sub-menu with 4 levels , please insert the following code in / wp-content / themes / elessi-theme-child / functions .php:

add_filter ('nasa_max_depth_main_menu','custom_max_depth_menu');

function custom_max_depth_menu ($depth) {

return 4; // Return max depth menu - Default is 3

/* ====================== */


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