Shop Filter
Add filters to your catalog to make it easy for your customers to explore your products.

1. Setting up filters


Filter widgets

Go to AppearanceWidgets and drag your desired filters to the Shop Sidebar position.
Custom your shop sidebar
The available filters are:
Nasa Product Attribute Filter. One widget per attribute to filter. Add attributes to your shop page to make it work.
Nasa Product Categories
Nasa Product Price Filter (list)
Nasa Product Filter Status

2. Filter position

Simply go to Dashboard > NasaTheme Options > Archive Products Page, Select Shop Sidebar Layout

3. Variations Swatches

First, add your color attributes in Products → Attributes and assign that color attributes to your products.
Go to Appearance → Widgets and add the Nasa Product Attribute Filter
Select the Attribute and Display Type. In Attributes List and Button display each color with its name. Select shows only the color.


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