How to fix Instagram Feed not working

Why Your Website Instagram Feed is broken?

As Instagram has grown, like most social media providers their API's have changed along the way. A recent API change has broken Instagram feed on Websites all over the internet.

Here's How to fix your broken Instagram Feed:

1. Update theme See How to update theme?

2. Update Nasa Core and install Smash Ballon Instagram Feed plugins, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Navigate to Appearance Install plugins

Step 2 - Click Update button from Nasa Core

Step 3 - Install & Activate Smash Ballon Instagram Feed plugin

Step 4 - Connect your Instagram account

  1. Go to Instagram Feed > Settings > Click to Add Source button.

  2. Please Login & Connect to your Instagram.

Step 5 - Finish

  1. After Connect Successfully you will get the Successfully Connect green notice.

  2. Click Save Changes. Reload your site again and see the result. And now all done.

Instruction video

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