Menus & Locations

1. Menus

The theme has 3 available menu locations:

  • Top bar: Located in the left top bar content
  • Main menu: Located in the main page header
  • Vertical menu: Located in the left vertical menu (only have on Header type 4)
You can manage and create menus by navigating to AppearanceMenu
1. Click the create a new menu link 2. Enter a name for the menu (this can be anything e.g "Main Menu"). 3. Click the Create Menu button
Edit Menus

2. Locations

Assigning Menu Locations

After creating a menu you can assign it to one of the theme's menu locations. Click the Manage Locations tab and assign the menus to their appropriate locations.
Manage Locations
By default WordPress only shows the basic menu items, but you can scroll to the top page, click on 'Screen Options' and check the section menu you want to show. Such as Product Categories, Products.
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