Update Theme

There are two methods to update your theme: the Envato Market Plugin update method and the traditional method that involves more steps via WordPress or via FTP:

Important: After updating the theme, all your content such as pages, options, images and posts will not be lost or erased by doing this. However, any customizations to the theme’s core files, such as PHP files, language files will be lost. So you need to use the child theme to customize the theme and backup the lang file if you translated the theme.

Best practice & important notes

  • Create a backup: whenever you update it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a current backup of your website and database. There are several plugins available that completely automate that process. You can also ask your host to perform a free backup for you.

  • Save Theme Options: after the update Save your Theme Options in order to recreate the dynamic CSS file with settings like custom colors and fonts.

  • Clear cache: it is always recommended to reset your browser, possible cache plugins, and server cache when you update. Possible visual issues may occur after an update if you have old files cached, this is something easily avoided by clearing your cache after all updates.

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