Translate the plugin
The easiest way to translate Elessi theme is by using the Loco Translate WordPress plugin. To use Loco Translate plugin, please see the steps below.
Step 1 - Search and install the Loco Translate WordPress plugin.
Step 2 – Go to Loco Translate > Plugins and click any plugins that you want to translate strings. Example: Nasa Core plugin
Step 3 - Click New Language link and Choose your language and choose a location is in languages/plugins/
NOTE: We recommend you don't choose a location is in plugins/nasa-core/lang/, because after you update the theme all your custom files will be lost.
Step 4 – Click Start Translating button
Step 5 – Click Source Text and enter the text you want to translate in English translation.
Step 6 – Click Save button.
Note: To update your language file when you updated the theme, you only click Sync button:

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